IVF Due Date

In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment involves many steps. These steps include medications, blood tests, ultrasound, egg retrieval, transfer and fertilization of eggs. Application and administering of these procedures should be done with precise timing. IVF due dates are implemented to set the standard operating procedure.

IVF Due Date

IVF Due date for IVF Cycle

At the start of the IVF cycle (day1) which is the first menstrual period, the patient must wait for 20 more days which is the IVF due date when she starts her medication. During her medication, she will begin by using GnRH agonist daily which also includes medications to suppress her ovaries. This step is known as ovulation induction. When her ovaries are suppressed there is simultaneous growth of numerous eggs. In her last menstrual period which is before the start of completing the final stages in her IVF cycle, follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) are injected.

Daily blood tests begin approximately at day 6. Patient will undergo daily blood tests and may receive injections depending on her reaction to medications. Ultrasound will also be conducted after the test. During ultrasound, number and size of follicles in ovaries are measured. The test will continue to determine if the eggs have matured. When the maturation of eggs takes places, preparation for egg retrieval is planned. Human chorionic gonadrotopen (HCG) is administered by the doctor. HCG injection should be done 35 hours before egg retrieval.

IVF due date for egg retrieval takes place approximately 36 hours after administering HCG. The patient will start using medications like progesterone supplements. To complete the process, the patient's eggs are combined with her partner's sperm and will be placed for fertilization. IVF due date for embryo transfer occurs about 3 to 5 days after fertilization.

IVF due date for home pregnancy test (HPT) should be 14 days after embryo transfer. If HPT is done at an earlier time, around 9 or 10 days, pregnancy test may show a positive result but can be false since HCG is still present in the system. HCG in the system will clear after 14 days which is the appropriate time for HPT.

In vitro fertilization should be performed with proper timing in order for the treatment to produce effective results. Improper timing and mishandling of IVF treatment may not be productive and can be too costly, financially and emotionally, for couples who are involved in the treatment. The significance of IVF due date must be observed religiously in performing the steps during the treatment process.

IVF Due Date for Pregnancy

The IVF due date for pregnancy is determined differently from a natural pregnancy. The calculation for estimated date of delivery for an IVF pregnancy is based on the date of egg collection. There is an IVF due date calculator which is a tool that can be used to determine the estimated date of delivery of the baby. The result may not be accurate, as with the computation for natural pregnancy due date, but it yields a reasonably good estimate of when the baby is expected to enter the world.

The IVF due date for each step of the cycle and the IVF due date for delivery are important dates which should be noted and be prepared for.