Due Date IVF

For couples who have gone through an IVF procedure, knowing the IVF due date is very much anticipated. To hold and kiss their newborn baby is what every IVF patient wants. The due date of a normal pregnancy is different from the due date IVF pregnancy. Due date calculation of an IVF pregnancy is based on the date of egg retrieval.

Due Date IVF

Due Date IVF Calculators

IVF due date calculator is an instrument that helps determine due date of an IVF pregnant mom. The calculator doesn't really give an exact date of the delivery but it helps IVF moms to predict or guess when the arrival of the baby will be. For IVF patients the arrival of the baby is the most awaited moment. There are some things that need to be settled before the baby comes home like scheduling of time off from work, preparation of child care, preparing the nursery room, buying baby stuffs, and making all necessary arrangements.

How to calculate the due date IVF:

  • Try to remember if you conceived with a natural or a stimulated cycle.
  • If you got pregnant through a natural cycle then from the last date of your period, subtract three months then add one week. For example, you opted to choose a natural IVF cycle and your last period was around December 25. Less three months, the result is October 25. Add one week, then you come up with November 1. Then most probably your due date would be on November 1.
  • For a stimulated IVF procedure, consider yourself already pregnant two weeks prior to the date that your eggs will be retrieved. To those two weeks add 38 weeks using a two year calendar. Example, you're scheduled for egg retrieval on June 12, minus two weeks so that's May 29; then add 38 weeks and you'll have March 3. Your due date would be around March 3.
  • If you want to use the date of your egg transfer, for a 3-day embryo transfer, subtract 12 days from the date of transfer then add nine months. Example your embryo transfer was last March 28, minus 12 days so March 16, add nine months you'll have December 16. Your due date would be on December 16.
  • For those who have a 5-day embryo transfer, subtract 14 days from the date of transfer and add nine months. Example your embryo transfer was done last October 15, minus 14 days to get October 1. And then add nine months you'll have July 1. Your expected due date would be on July 1.

There are several online due date calculators available in the internet. Just search and input necessary information then the calculator will determine the due date IVF for you.

Fetal Growth and Development

Once due date IVF is known, the mother can now focus her attention to the development of the baby inside her womb. After the stressful process of an IVF procedure and successfully getting pregnant, expectant moms should know and learn the step by step process of the fetal growth and development and enjoy the experience of being pregnant. Having a baby inside her womb is the most wondrous and miraculous experience a woman can ever have.